Chi-town at it's Finest. *updated

As I arrive in my hometown, I was welcomed by my wonderful mother and my awesome little sister.
Haven't seen them in 3 years, out of everything in Chicago, its them who I miss the most.

2nd to that...
Is my second family. The people whom I grew up with, saw my flaws, gave me great memories to hold on to.
Been friends since we were little rascals in high school at LakeView High. Though some are not present 
in the photos, will update in the following days and posts to come.

Had dinner at this great place Cafe Bolero, ordered myself some Boliche! =]
Also met all my friends' special somebodies...=] haha I was the 5th wheel. Jeez thanks guys. jk.
Justine! your awesome =P

(middle) My boo-boo Gen and his boyfriend Jeff(far left), and my homegirl Lillo.

My ballin friend Luis and Cesar

Surprise cake for me. Love you guys. Thank you for this night.
(Zara Blazer, WetSeal flower print top, jeans)
Cesar and Lillo

Jeff and Gen

Filipinas =P

Ladies of the night 

The Following Morning...
Took mom to work at 6am, I was awake due to jet lag. My sister Kim drivng and my mother Tess.
After droppin mom off, we took a stopover.

Early in the morning, my apology for not getting ready =P

Love you sister. =]

After being away for so long, its really good to finally be home once again. Will make this trip worth while!

Though we were incomplete during dinner, Its okay, one day, we'll all be complete. <3

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