Bar Louie

Off to watch one of the Bulls game sometime in May at Bar Louie, Chicago!!
That bar was one of my favorite places to go to, very chill, relaxed, cozy, friendly waitresses,
awesome place to watch games with flat screens all around the bar, and they have thee best cocktails! =]

On the way to Bar Louie with my Best Buds.

It was one of the Nice days in May

Luis and I

My boo boo Gen

Gen and Lillo lookin good =]

One of their pretty concoctions

We were a little early for the game, but around 20 minutes after the photo was taken, the place was packed!

This was my drink. My gosh this was THE BEST. It was the Martini S'Mores. On the rim of the glass, typically it would be salt, but it was caramel and crumbs.

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