Yogurts and Crocodiles

Had yogurt at Forever Yogurt and took a stroll at Wicker Park with my booboo Gen L. =]
This day was really great and did a whole lot of catching up since we haven't seen each other for so long.
Afterwards some of my other friends followed us to this bar called Crocodile that is also a "house" club on certain nights. 
What I mean by "house" is where they play majority of house music and house dancing.
If you don't know what house dancing is, it consists a lot of footwork, lofting, and jacking.
Which I am proud to say, I believe it started in Chicago. 
After, my friend Gen and I were a bit hungry so we took a stop at one of my favorite places to go
which was Clark's on Clark st.

I love how coincidentally there"s a guy with a D. Rose shirt. Go Bulls!

They just came from golfing.

To think these are appetizers...

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