Review: Tony Moly Ice Queen....

...Just had to share this. One of the best buys I've had this month, Tony Moly Ice Queen Sleeping Cream, a Korean product.
To use this product, do your regular cleansing routine that you usually do before you sleep, and apply this awesome light and cool cream on your skin before you get some shut-eye. 
Why I love it so much? My skin looked really great the next morning!!
Instead of having a tired and groggy look in the morning, my skin tone was even, it was supple, soft, fresh and I looked so alive. Been only using this for 
3 days so far and I'm lovin' this.
I have oily skin, so usually when I wake up, I'm so shined out. However with this cream, I had minimal shine and my skin just looked dewy. When applied to your face, it smells really good and just the right amount of scent, not over powering at all. It also comes in this cute little packaging, that looks like ice cream! But don't let the packaging fool you, it really does deliver. It also has whitening components as to why my skin tone is looking more and more even as I use this. The texture of this product is very light, almost like a mousse type, a little goes a long way, unlike other night creams its not heavy at all nor is it sticky. Its just a great product over all, I would most definitely recommend this to everyone and to include this with your cleansing routine before you sleep.
Might I add, I got this at Tony Moly Mega Mall, sales rep was very attentive and very informative, they really know their stuff! They didn't miss a question at all, unlike some beauty reps, they would usually look at me with doe eyes and stutter, or ask their co-workers to help them out. It was great that they were confident of explaining and answering my questions, which made me feel confident of my purchase. =]

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