13 Hour Drive...

On the way, for the first time to the one and only Sagada.

Before I leave my house, dont mind the clutter =P
(Cardigan, Forever 21 Turquoise Tee, Topshop Flower clasp belt, Leg warmers, 
and Classic Chuck Taylors)

(Gap, summer scarf)
Got chilly in Banaue.

My Bus buddy: Gelo =]
Check out his blog: fabgelous.livejournal.com

Never leave Sagada without visiting Yoghurt House.

With my fellow filmmakers.

At St. Joseph Inn

my first order: Vegetarian Pasta @ Yoghurt House

This is just DAY ONE of my wonderful trip to Sagada.
One of the most beautiful places that I have ever stumbled upon. Will for sure return 
to this culture-rich town and the weather, is not too shabby I must say.

         Starting this blog for me to share my everyday discoveries, my on going growth for fashion and beauty endeavors. 

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