Sagada: 2nd Day

Going on a tour pretty much on our own and roaming the awesome city of Sagada.

Stroll to the underground river.

On top of the Jeep.

With some fabulous friends.

Doppleganger: Bruno Mars??

Banaue Rice Terraces

On the edge of the cliff.

(WetSeal Plaid long-sleeved polo, PONY track jacket,
Shoes; Chuck Taylors)

Keeping it simple and comfortable. Felt like dressing a little boyish with a simple white
tee, plaid long-sleeved polo, track jacket, jeans and some chucks.

This day was very tiring, breath-taking, awesome, incredible, and learned so much!

-Rode on top of a jeep to go up the mountain.
-Beautiful view of the rice terraces.
-Echo Valley
-Hanging Coffins
-Visited a few caves
Yaman! Sagada!

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